Citizens of the Multiverse! I appear before you, resplendent, with a proclamation: your precious team at the ever-luminescent beacon of creation, GREATER THAN GAMES, have granted Her Eminence, ROSE-QUEEN GEDDY CARY-AVERY, the illustrious title of BRAND MANAGER. Hear this! All the Multiverse will know our names! Under the fierce banner of the Rose-Queen, your Defenders of Unity will rise to challenge the very gods and the foundations of reality itself! Make way for Her Majesty, your Ascendant ROSE-QUEEN!

Er, I mean. Ahem. Let me try that again.

Fans of Greater Than Games, I’m happy to say: hello! My name is Geddy Cary-Avery (she/her), and as of April, I’ve joined the team at Greater Than Games as their brand-new Brand Manager. I will be handling Greater Than Games’ ongoing outreach, Kickstarter work, livestreams, and convention appearances all over the world as I get settled into the role. You’ll be seeing a lot of me as I work alongside Christopher and Paul to define the face and voice of the company.

I’ve lived in St. Louis Missouri for (almost) my whole life, and I spend a lot of time working with all sorts of local needs: community gardening, first aid training, and direct support for our local trans community, among many other things. I went to Lindenwood University in St. Charles for Graphic Design and create my own art in physical and print media. My favorite hobby is to organize and play LARPs — aka Live Action Role Playing games, or “excuses to dress up and fight my friends in the woods with nerf blasters and foam swords” for the uninitiated.

I’m very excited to join the team at Greater Than Games. I love everything cooperative and complex. I used to say my favorite game was Pandemic, but that got very dated very suddenly- whoops! Greater Than Games has published some of the strongest cooperative games in the industry, and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next.

All that being said, I’m looking forward to getting to know our team, our creators, and the incredible fans that have made Greater Than Games successful for over a decade. For the first time of many, let me sign off by saying: Play Greater! You’ll be hearing more from me — and more exciting news from us as a whole — very soon.

Geddy Cary-Avery (she/her)
ROSE-QUEEN Brand Manager of Greater Than Games