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Before emailing Greater Than Games with your question, please see if it is addressed within our FAQs below.”

Our design submission process is accomplished in three stages. At the conclusion of each stage, we will determine whether or not to move on to the next stage. This leaves the possibility of giving feedback and ways to improve if we plan to encourage the designer to resubmit at a later date.

All submissions containing the items from Stage 1 should be sent to

 Stage 1: Elevator Pitch

  • Sell sheets, if available. If not, the same basic information.
    • This should include the basic description of game, possible look and feel, mechanics, theme, etc
  • Previous designs from this designer, if any.
  • What stage is the game in?
    • Is the game currently a concept only, or is it being playtested? If it is in playtesting, how much and what type has been done?

Stage 2: Theoretical Evaluation

Full rules

  • Component files, if available.
    • Digital only. No physical prototypes.
  • Any gameplay video(s), if available.
  • Playtesting feedback, if available.
    • Written playtesting reports, feedback forms, feedback.

Stage 3: Prototype Evaluation

  • Physical prototype
    • When we reach this stage, we will give an address at that time.


Our shipping fees are handled by our partnership with FedEx. We strive to ensure the cheapest shipping method possible- without sacrificing packaging or care of handling.

International shipping of fairly large, dense objects (like board games) is unfortunately incredibly expensive. The shipping rates on our web store reflect the actual shipping costs we pay to get items to your address, calculated by interfacing with our shipper’s website.