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Want to ask us about something, check up on an order, or have a specific question? Please allow 3-5 business days for us to reply! Game submissions, career inquiries, and other detailed requests may take longer depending on the workload of the team in question.

 Customer Support

Product Questions, Order Issues, Returns, and all other general questions: Email Contact.

Questions about Replacement Parts: Email Replacement Parts.

Shipping Fees: If you’re reaching out about the price of shipping your order to you, please note that our shipping fees are handled by our partnership with FedEx. We strive to ensure the cheapest shipping method possible without sacrificing packaging or care of handling. International shipping of fairly large, dense objects (like board games) is unfortunately incredibly expensive. The shipping rates on our web store and Kickstarter campaigns reflect the actual shipping costs we pay to get your order to your address, calculated by interfacing with our shipper’s website. If this still doesn’t address your issue, please send us a message at Contact!

Marketing Inquiries

Reviewers, Donation Requests, Team Appearances, Press Releases and all marketing questions: Email Marketing.

Licensing requests & inquiries: Email Licensing.


Convention Scheduling, Appearances, Panels, Co-hosting, Booths, and other convention questions: Email Conventions.

Citizens program, Demo Team, Convention Volunteer questions: Email our Demo Team.

Business & Operations

GTG Operations, Business, Warehouse, and all other logistics questions: Email Operations.


Retailer and Distributor Orders, Brick & Mortar/FLGS Store Questions, Purchasing games to resell: Email our Sales Team.

Jobs & Careers

We frequently list new job openings on our site. All of our job openings are specific to the St. Louis, MO, USA area and involve on-site work.

Freelance Artist Submissions

Graphic Design, Illustration, Portfolios, Commission & Contracting inquiries: Email our Design Team.

We’re always looking for artists to contract for our upcoming projects! Please include examples of your work like your portfolio as an attachment in your email.

Game Submissions

To submit game design concepts, board games, or to pitch a game to our Game Development team, please read our guidelines and requirements.

Our design submission process is accomplished in three stages. At the conclusion of each stage, we will determine whether or not to move on to the next stage. This leaves the possibility of giving feedback and ways to improve if we plan to encourage the designer to resubmit at a later date.

Stage 1: Elevator Pitch

Sell sheets, if available. If not, the same basic information. This should include the basic description of game, possible look and feel, mechanics, theme, etc

Previous designs from this designer, if any.

What stage is the game in?

Is the game currently a concept only, or is it being playtested? If it is in playtesting, how much and what type has been done?

To submit your game for the first time, please email the above details to us using

Stage 2: Theoretical Evaluation

Full rules

Component files, if available.

Digital only. No physical prints.

Any gameplay video(s), if available.

Playtesting feedback, if available.

Written playtesting reports, feedback forms, feedback.

We will be in communication with you and decide if we choose to move forward. If we do, we’ll advance to the next step.

Stage 3: Prototype Evaluation

Physical prototype of your game.

When we reach this stage, we will give an address at that time. Please note that shipping a board game can be quite expensive depending on the size and weight of the game! We use FedEx to make sure our packages are handled safely and packaged correctly, but it may be worth your time to look into what options you have to mail your game to us.

If you have any other questions about our submission process, please send us an email.

Other Questions

If none of the above categories answered your question, just reach out to us!