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Native American Heritage Month: Collaborative Storytelling & Tabletop RPGs

Greetings, everyone! You may know Em Matson as the editor for the incredible sci-fi fantasy Coyote & Crow Role Playing Game — which is now available for preorder here. Oh, and be sure to find more of their work on their website! They’ve worked with us for Native American Heritage Month to talk about the importance of collaborative...

Who’s Who — Game Development Manager: Chris Burton

Happy Friday, everyone! We’re nearing the end of our Who’s Who category and we’ve saved some of the best for last. This week we’re going to get to know our Game Development manager: Chris Burton! You might also know him as Braithwhite on the forums and elsewhere around the internet. Game development fits right in with his love of problem solving...

The Bunny Is Back — Devil Bunny Is Now On Kickstarter!

In 1990, James Ernest created an entire universe based on a single sheet of holiday clip art. The focal hero, or antihero, or villain - it’s hard to say - came about from “the most absurd and horrifying piece of Easter clip art” James Ernest could find. Over the years Devil Bunny has been featured in a few comics, and in 1998 and 2001 he made his...

Who’s Who — Customer Service & Community Manager: Bailey Pittman

Hey, folks! Normally, I’m the one interviewing and editing the articles, but thankfully Katie Nale was kind enough to interview and write for me! Katie, the floor is yours. Bailey is our newest employee at Greater Than Games. Xir is the person you talk to first whenever you have any questions. Ever gotten a reply from our social media or contact...

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Today we look back on the evolution of #DevilBunny and the miniature included with every game! 😳 Check out more on Kickstarter now! ...

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#DevilBunny is live on Kickstarter, right now! Quick, hop to it, get going, catch those butterflies and get that ham! ...

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