Yes, it’s finally time for the legends to be told… Defenders of the Realm: Legends Edition launches on BackerKit on August 20th!

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Monarch City is under siege once again… Darkness has grown and four terrible bosses are ready to march their way from all four corners of the map, leaving nothing in their wake! Will the realm succumb to the curses of Azzoz? The undead army of Dianara? The crooked whims of Gri? Or the eternal frost of Sapphire?

And, of course, all of their hoards of minions causing chaos…

Only you and your companions have the power to stop them! Play as Fera the Barbarian, Samil the Ranger, Vitalia the Rogue, or Krohl the Wizard. Work together to defeat those nasty bosses in their tracks and save Monarch City! Save the realm with your character’s own unique style of play! Slash and stomp your way through as the Barbarian, attack from afar as the Ranger, lurk in the shadows as the Rogue, and bring arcane tricks to life as the Wizard. You and your friends must band together to defend the realm!

Right at the base funding amount, each game will come with over 100 miniatures: 4 heroes, 4 bosses, 20 of each minion type, and other fun goodies like coins, portals, and scourges. There’s plenty more of each to unlock along the way with five expansions planned, should we reach every goal! Including a potential free mini-expansion for all backers? To find out more, you’ll have to wait and see on August 20th on BackerKit!

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