Purrfect Match

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You are the owner of a cat cafe trying to get the cutest cats! But you aren’t the only one! Be the first to collect every kind of cat to have the best cat cafe in town.

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It’s the official city-wide cat cafe opening weekend! You are getting ready to open your very own cat cafe! You’ve got just about everything: espresso machines are ready and baristas are standing by, there’s plenty of comfy seating for humans and engaging playspaces for cats — there’s just one thing missing: the cats! You’ve got a few cats, but to have truly the BEST cat cafe, you know you need a diverse assortment of friendly felines! But look out! Each of you are running a different cat cafe, and only one can get the city’s seal of approval for having the most delightful and diverse collection of cats.

In Purrfect Match, 2-4 players play as aspiring cat cafe owners each attempting to assemble the ideal collection of cats. Over the course of the game, you will add cats to your collection, showing them off to attract cat lovers to your cat cafe. However, each player is running their own competing cat cafe, and only one of you can have the best cats

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