Well, folks, we’ve been promising it for… well… let’s just say “a little while” and it’s finally here! Some of you have been following our website saga throughout multiple “State of Greater Than Games” panels at Gen Con. And we thank you for your patience! 

We’ve planned, replanned, built, and rebuilt the new website internally over the years. Each time we added a new perspective to the team. We set aside our prior biases and attachments to the current “best plan”. Then we worked and reworked. And with each iteration, the site turned out better and better. Now, (finally!) thanks to the hard work of Maggie Clayton, Jennifer Closson, Darrell Louder, and Katie Nale, the new website is ready for you! 

Maggie used her marketing knowledge to analyze our prior website and find the key areas where you, our loyal fans, needed a better interactive experience. 

Katie, who transitioned into her role as Demo Manager during our rebuild, teamed up with Maggie to rewrite and rework the site to include anything a current or future Citizen would want access to.

Jennifer, the longest standing member of the crew, saw the site through two previous iterations internally. Once Maggie and Jennifer nailed down a finalized concept for the new site, Jennifer became an instrumental support member for the team and, generally, helped out anywhere she was needed.

But in the end, it was Darrell who truly allowed us to bring this new and improved website dream to reality. His coding knowledge, web design skills, and tireless patience were the lynchpin to our success.

So, that’s it! We’re done now. We came, we saw, we conquered.

Wait a minute – that doesn’t sound like GTG! We’re never just “done”! In fact, we have two more planned updates coming to you! 

Our first update will come to the forums. Joel – our forums guru – took the feedback of Maggie and Chris Burton (some of you may know him by his forum handle Braithwhite) and found a way to elevate the user experience of the forums. (He also made them look prettier!) Joel is in the final stages of working out the kinks and bugs and we look forward to rolling out the updated forums soon!

The second phase of our master plan is to completely rework the webstore from the ground up. This is going to take the ENTIRE team mentioned above (and probably a lot of caffeine) to get completed. But we’re incredibly excited about making your online shopping experience a MUCH better one. Look for this update to roll out somewhere in the second half of the year.
We are proud of the work we’ve all put into this website, and more improvements are yet to come! If you have feedback for us, don’t hesitate to reach out by e-mailing us at contact@greaterthangames.com. We hope you enjoy the new site as much as we do!”