We’ve got new accessories for Spirit Island ready for you! Over the last year, we’ve spent some time considering the existing components of Spirit Island, looking at what could be improved and what could be enhanced for fans of the game. You’ll see some of those component variations this fall in Horizons of Spirit Island, along with new, thinner panels for Horizons spirits.

Instead of punchboard, the spirit panels in Horizons are made of durable, high-quality cardstock; the same material as other cards throughout the game. That’s a departure from how we’ve done spirit panels in the past! But, it doesn’t mean they’re incompatible with the rest of the game. In fact, they’re a new option for all spirit panels throughout Spirit Island, but with a deluxe foil treatment! We’ve made these new versions of spirit panels available in accessory packs for all previous spirits, featuring gorgeous full-color foiled art of the Spirits you know and love from Spirit Island illustrators across the world.

They’re also a lot easier to store, instead of being the biggest part of your storage solution for a complete collection of the game. As for protection: we’ve created sleeves specifically for these premium spirit panels that will keep them looking beautiful far into the future.

So, how can you get your hands on these spirit panels? We’ll have a limited number of the Foil Spirit Panel sets available for purchase at Gen Con 2022 at Booth 1321! Can’t make it to Gen Con? Pre-order now, and we’ll fulfill your order this Fall after our main shipment arrives. These packs are available for the Spirit Island core game, Branch and Claw, Feather and Flame, and Jagged Earth expansions. They will also be in-store at board game retailers everywhere this Winter!

Pre-order these items now:

These Foil Spirit Panels are identical to existing Spirit Panels throughout our Spirit Island products, so they require the original product for all the components necessary to play.