In 1990, James Ernest created an entire universe based on a single sheet of holiday clip art. The focal hero, or antihero, or villain – it’s hard to say – came about from “the most absurd and horrifying piece of Easter clip art” James Ernest could find. Over the years Devil Bunny has been featured in a few comics, and in 1998 and 2001 he made his way into the tapletop world as two of James Ernest’s Cheapass Games favorite titles: Devil Bunny Needs A Ham and Devil Bunny Hates The Earth.

It’s 2021, and Devil Bunny is back. He’s currently on Kickstarter and more colorful than ever, thanks to Greater Than Games! He’s still trying to get that ham, but now he has the entire galaxy in his sights as well!

Greater Than Games (GTG) has reinvigorated the classic James Ernest game for 2-5 players – Devil Bunny Needs A Ham – with updated rules, all-new art from artist Scott Brown, components that now include custom dice, and a 3D Devil Bunny miniature in all of his magnificent, mischievous glory. In Devil Bunny Needs A Ham, you’re all sous-chefs. Devil Bunny is convinced that YOU, not the head chef, are his way to getting a ham. Not by stealing or trickery — but by knocking you down while you’re attempting a nice, normal climb up the side of a building. How’d he get that idea? Who knows! Just try to make it to the top of the building so he’ll leave you alone.

But that’s not all!

GTG has created an all-new game for 2-5 players called Devil Bunny Versus The Entire Galaxy. You are intrepid actuaries. Devil Bunny LOVES butterflies and just can’t contain himself when he sees a pile of them: he must pounce. This, of course, scatters them everywhere and your job is to collect the butterflies before they cause general chaos and Devil Bunny destroys the galaxy. Like Devil Bunny Needs A Ham, Devil Bunny Versus The Entire Galaxy features a full set of components, including a custom die and the Devil Bunny miniature.

Both games make great additions to the rotation for family game night as well as any game night with friends. While light on rules, these games are full of theme and strategy. The streamlined gameplay makes it easy for players to stay engaged and follow the game from start to finish. The bright, nostalgic, and evocative artwork resonates with players of all ages and the themes include layers of jokes for all.

Devil Bunny Needs A Ham and Devil Bunny Versus The Entire Galaxy are currently available through Greater Than Games’ Kickstarter running from now through December 10th. Pledge levels are available for each game individually or as a combined set including a custom sleeve. Also included with each pledge level, backers will get a copy of The Hare-Raising Tales of Devil Bunny. This book includes three Devil Bunny comics put in print for the first time but left untouched in all of their black and white clipart nostalgic beauty. The 44-page book also includes the rules for the original two Devil Bunny titles as well as a special forward about Devil Bunny from the creator, James Ernest.

Devil Bunny has been hopping around the hearts of many for years. Greater Than Games is excited to give fans of the original Devil Bunny titles new games to add to their collections. They are also excited to bring Devil Bunny to a whole new generation of gamers and their families. Be sure to back the Kickstarter before time runs out to become a part of the legacy of Devil Bunny. Or just because you’ve really got a craving for some lunchmeat or might need to round out your butterfly collection.