Hey folks! Maggie here to talk about my recent promotion at Greater Than Games from Marketing Director to Director of Sales & Marketing! I’m tremendously excited to take on the sales department and all of the new and exciting challenges that it will present! In addition to overseeing the sales department under the guidance of Paul Bender, our awesome CEO, I will also be taking a leadership role in GTG Operations. 

What is GTG Operations you ask?

GTG Operations is a logistics, warehousing, and sales brokering organization that is maintained by Greater Than Games. Through Alex Schmidt, Paul Bender, the warehouse team, and myself, GTG Operations is able to assist several companies within the board game industry, including Stonemaier Games, Lay Waste Games, and more! We have been operational for roughly 5 years, but have recently become a more public-facing organization as we have continued to grow and scale up our warehouse and sales departments to better serve the needs of our clients. I am excited to become a large part of the GTG Operations team and assist in the refining and development of this subsidiary of Greater Than Games so that we may assist new clients from small Kickstarter fulfillment projects to large scale warehousing arrangements.

I  look forward to taking on these new opportunities and continuing to grow with Greater Than Games and GTG Operations! 

– Maggie

P.S. Come say hi to the GTG Team, myself included, at PAX Unplugged Booth #2513!