Paul and Christopher did a livestream, even though it got interrupted multiple times!

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:29:28

In the voting for what Writers’ Room we’d do, there was a tie! So, we cast the deciding vote. But clearly there’s interest in the other topic as well, so it’ll be back up for voting sometime, for certain!

Here’s the upcoming schedule!

  • Tuesday, November 3rd: Episode #159 – Creative Process: Dark Watch Villiains
  • Tuesday, November 10th: Publishers’ Note #7
  • Tuesday, November 17th: Episode #160 – Writers’ Room: NightMist vs Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde
  • Tuesday, November 24th: Publishers’ Note #8

Tune in for all sorts of nonsense! (Actually, probably only about eleven different sorts of nonsense, all told.)

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