Hey, folks. Just got back from PAX, and boy is my everything tired. I said I would post the Create a Villain contest details on the 3rd, but I’m going to push it back one day. So, hang on to your ideas for a bit more, and I’ll post a whole big thing about it tomorrow.

Man, convention season is rough! Whew!

Just some details, since I told you that you would have them today: each person may enter a maximum of two entries, which should involve write-ups of the character’s powers and abilities, as well as a physical description. Art is not necessary, but we won’t turn it away. If you can’t do your own art, you can pull several images from public domain and do a “this part from this person, but that part from that thing” kind of description. Again, not necessary. We’ll accept entries for a few weeks, so you don’t have to rush, but once we close it, that’s it. Also, feel free to write up a deck list and flip mechanics and everything for the villain. Not necessary to win, but it WILL help your chances.

I will post a most complete, more official post tomorrow, but for now, I’m going to eat some foods and then take a short coma.