Well, Greater Than Games is back from PAX East, and we have big news! We have sold out of our entire first print run of Sentinels of the Multiverse! They are all gone! To celebrate, we are throwing a sale event in our store for the next week. We have several copies of Sentinels of the Multiverse that got damaged while being shipped to us (a pallet of games was hit by a forklift, apparently). These games cannot be sold to distributors or retailers, as the boxes are dinged or crunched, but the cards inside are fine, as is the rulebook. We are selling these games at 50% OFF! Also, we have some new exciting things in the store, including SHIRTS! Awesome shirts! Look at this guy who got SO MANY shirts at PAX East! Don’t you want those shirts? We also have the HP & Damage Tracker cards that we offered as part of the Rook City Kickstarter, and even a limited stock of 2 foot by 4 foot playmats, like the ones we use at conventions! So! Go check out our newly updated store, and keep an eye here for future exciting announcements!