Welcome back, everyone! We’re here to be loud and proud to celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride 2021! Greater Than Games truly believes that we are greater together when we can all be ourselves to the fullest extent. Once again, we have a collection of resources here for you. Help every letter of the alphabet and every color of the rainbow shine bright for this year’s Pride! There’s everything here to further your education, resources to help yourself and others, and active steps you can take to lift your local community together.


As always, a good foundation starts with knowledge. LGBTQ+ history becomes more vast and widespread with every passing year. But sometimes it helps to take it back to the basics and remember where Pride started and how we got to where we are today. 

The Complete History of Pride by Matt Baume atThem breaks down the history of Pride and where we are now.

How to Be an Ally at Learning for Justice breaks down not only how to identify your own unique privileges, but also how to better strengthen your allyship skills. 

And last — but certainly not least — the Library of Congress has a mountain of resources on LGBTQ+ culture. Art, music, history, and many more. You will get sucked down a rabbit hole. You’ve been warned!


We all need love, support, and guidance. Navigating the difficult waters of identity can be tricky when you don’t know where to start. Whether you’ve been out for years or you’ve just made the discovery, everyone needs a little guidance. Here are some resources for every step of the way.

How to Find LGBTQ+ Friends & Your Local Community via Blurred by Lines

How to Celebrate Pride from Home (even if you can’t be out) via ScarleTeen

Rural LGBT Resources via Movement Advancement Project

Resources & Glossary via The Trevor Project (Seriously, they’ve even got multiple resources for different faiths!)

Resource List via Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation

Take Action

And in the spirit of not tackling things alone, here are three different national organizations you can directly donate to. Every little bit counts towards helping change the lives of individuals every day.

The Trevor Project – For LGBTQ+ youth resources & suicide prevention

Center for Black Equality – For black LGBTQ+ people across the world

For the Gworls – To help black trans individuals to pay for their medical expenses and rent

But nothing has more impact than directly helping those around you. We’ve got three fantastic ways for you to find your local LGBTQ+ community and help them.

Find an LGBT Centers Affiliate 

How to Find your Local LGBT+ Community via Pride

Facebook – Yes, we know it, and a few articles listed here even mention it. But, it’s commonly sourced for a reason. This is the first place where LGBTQ+ people turn when they need support, donations, and aid. 

To do our part, Greater Than Games will be donating to the Metro Trans Umbrella Group. They are a trans activism and resource group located right here in St. Louis. Want to give them a hand? We have some great pride merch over on RedBubble! All the proceeds are going directly to MTUG. They, and we, appreciate your support. 

None of us can do this wild and challenging thing called life alone. Please join us in celebrating pride, uplifting each other, and pitching in to strengthen our LGBTQ+ communities all across the world!