The end of the beginning of the end. Or is it the beginning of the end of the beginning?

Show Notes:

Run Time: 2:03:17

We start with important info: don’t listen to this episode. That is, if you don’t have OblivAeon yet, we think you should wait. Now, if you’re cool about spoilers, then go for it. But there’s a few big things in this episode, and it’s only going to get worst as the month progresses. That said, we’re shipping out more and more copies of OblivAeon every day, so you will have it soon!

So, after some chatting and disclaiming, we get into the overview of the scions’ stories just before the 5 minute mark. And we start with a bunch of stuff about OblivAeon’s backstory, in fact! This episode starts off FAST!

After going through all of the scions, we get to your questions – following the same structure as the scion overview – at around 44 minutes into the episode.

I’m not going to say more in these show notes. Like I mentioned above, some big reveals here, so you should listen and experience it yourself! 

More on OblivAeon next week!