How do the heroes and villains do what they do?! Let’s dig into that!

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:24:26

We start off with an overview section that’s based on the character creation system from the upcoming Sentinel Comics RPG! We go through each of the “Power Sources” from that system and talk about how they relate to the rest of Sentinel Comics. 

Around 30 minutes in, we get to your questions, which end up being the bulk of the episode!

This week, we’re recording 3 episodes again, as Christopher is out of town next week for Origins. (If you’re there, come say hi!) On Thursday, we’ll be recording the X-treme Verse episode! On Friday morning at 11 AM Central, we’ll be recording the Story Meets Mechanics Extrasode! It’ll be a LIVE recording for the Contributors on our Patreon, and everyone else on the Patreon will get access to that video shortly after the recording is done. Then, later that same day, we’ll be recording the Young Legacy episode!

Make sure you get your questions in for those three episodes before then!

Thanks for listening!