Good morning, heroes! Let’s talk about Legacy’s friends!

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:30:44

Adam and I are here to talk about the character that you, dear listeners, demanded we bring up again. You can’t say we never gave you anything! We’re just here to act on the will of the people. Simple public servants, that’s us.

We talk about some minor characters, but also some that have more impact than expected on Legacy’s story.  Which Legacy? Well, we get into that, too!

A bit after the 39 minute mark, we dig into your questions, which are many and excellent.

This Friday is the first recording of the first ever “Publishers’ Note” of the Letters Page podcast, starring our very own Paul Bender! You’ll be able to hear that episode in audio form next Tuesday, but if you’re on the Letters Page Patreon, you can watch it happen live! And, if you’re a Contributor to the Patreon, your questions will be a part of this new, experimental episode! What will happen? Who can say! Join us!

(Oh, also, extra props to Trevor for the new outro! What do you think of it?)