It’s time for the Letters Page Listeners’ Choice Awards nominations announcement!

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:35:30

We have a special guest for this episode, and he makes the show even better!

We spend the first portion of this recording discussing the recently announced awards. Once you’ve listened to all of that – including the most excellent question nominations – it’s time to vote on your favorites! Check out the voting form here.

After that, we SHOULD get to the schedule, but we’re a week behind on that, so go to the Letters Page Patreon and vote on what episodes will start off 2019. So much voting! (The schedule for January 2019 will be announced in next week’s episode.)

And then, after all of those things, we finally get to your questions with the help of our special guest! We start in on the questions at just after the 44 minute mark.

Only one episode left this year, folks! Join us next week for some holiday cheer!