Hey folks! Maggie here with some really exciting news! This afternoon we are announcing to the world that Jennifer Closson, our amazing Creative Director, will also be our Chief Operations Officer! 

As many of you know Jennifer has worn several hats within Greater Than Games over the past 5 years, both officially and unofficially. Her roles have included graphic designer, project manager, brand manager, art director, game production liaison, and creative director! Jennifer has also been behind the scenes project managing several of our upcoming titles and recent releases. In addition to many items within the Sentinel Comics line, Jennifer has worked on games such as New Bedford, Spirit Island,  Homebrewers, and Medium. Along with her work in the creative realm of GTG, Jennifer also has spent much of her 5 years with the company assisting behind the scenes with aspects of convention planning, organizing timelines for upcoming games and business ventures, and working with the wonderful team at GTG to continue to help the company grow. When not hiding behind a computer screen or wall of calendars, you can probably find Jennifer in the corner of a coffee shop somewhere around the globe with her husband, Rodd, or at home with their two cats planning for their growing family and pondering her next project with Greater Than Games. 

Stop by our booth (#2513) at PAX Unplugged to tell her congratulations in person!