Hello from Greater Than Games! I’m Geddy Cary-Avery, the team’s new Brand Manager. It’s a pleasure to address you from this role, especially in the position of announcing a new product from our design team. We’re officially launching our crowdfunding campaign for the next board games that we have developed: Compounded: The Peer-Reviewed Edition and Lab Notes, the chem lab roll-and-write game.

The board game Compounded was originally designed and kickstarted by Darrell Louder in 2013. Compounded saw success with over two thousand backers, and brought a compound-building, element-managing board game to the table, with the Geiger expansion following in the next year. Darrell has been working on a new version of the game, and we are finally ready to share details about the new Compounded.

Compounded: The Peer-Reviewed Edition is an entirely new experience, with upgraded components, new player interactions, deal-making, lab management, and a lot more to offer. Players claim elements and construct compounds, competing against each other to build the optimal lab and score enough points to win. Greater Than Games has worked with a chemistry consultant to make sure that the science backing the game is accurate, and text about chemistry is placed throughout the game showing real-world facts about the compounds the players are building.

The chem lab roll-and-write game Lab Notes was born from the development of Compounded: The Peer-Reviewed Edition. What started as a simple side concept quickly became a fully-fledged game about forming the molecular bonds of compounds. Lab Notes brings out the #2 yellow pencils as players roll dice to claim elements, drawing them onto their lab sheets each turn and exercising their puzzle-solving skills to optimize the compounds they can construct with limited resources. Lab fires and helpful tools complicate the process, while game-wide objective cards give everyone goals to race to achieve first. Each element has a limited number of connections that can bond it to other elements, and following those rules score points as the compounds are completed.

Both Compounded: The Peer-Reviewed Edition and Lab Notes, the chem lab roll-and-write game, are available through Kickstarter starting on Tuesday, June 14th, 2022 at 10AM CDT. A successful campaign will fund the publication of both games, making them available to backers and then the general public.

Thank you for your support, and keep playing Greater!

Geddy Cary-Avery (she/her)
Brand Manager, Greater Than Games
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Office: (314) 474-7221