Greetings to our lovely readers! We’re here to bring attention to an often forgotten cause: water. We need it to survive, and yet millions of Americans face shortages, limited or no access to clean water, and financial restrictions preventing access to what is available. Together we can help to directly save a life and improve the health of our neighbors. Let’s get started with some information on the water crisis and then ways you can make a difference.


Water Pollution: Everything You Need to Know by Melissa Denchak, from the National Resources Defense Council

Environmental concerns have been in the news and hotly debated since the 1970s. But who could keep up with all the different ways water is affected? Thankfully, the NRDC has outlined exactly what water pollution is, what types there are, and what you can do to help prevent it. 

The pandemic has exposed America’s water crisis by Khushbu Shah, from Vox

Contaminated water, outdated plumbing, a lack of individual funds, and no access to any water are main causes of the epidemic. This article from Vox gives a quick overview of what’s happening and just how widespread the problem is.

Many Native Americans Can’t Get Clean Water, Report Finds by Laurel Morales, from National Public Radio

Native Americans, especially those on reservations, are one of the largest groups affected by the water crisis. Largely, the issue is a lack of funds for modernization and well digging. One reservation has its water system powered by a windmill


Great! Now you’ve got the information under your belt. You’re ready to go. How do you help? There are two main ways: connect with local environmentally conscious groups, and donate to water projects and funds dedicated to bringing water to communities.


Meet the Network from The Urban Waters Learning Network

The UWLN is a network of educators, groups, societies, and even some local government utilities who aim to educate about and better water resources. This is a quick and easy way to see what’s available in your area and how to help protect and keep our water clean.

Donation & Support

A Comic for Flint: Hope – Illustrated stories from a variety of creators to inspire Hope within the Flint community for only $5. 100% of the comic proceeds go towards helping those affected by the Flint Michigan water crisis.

Navajo Water Project  – Serves the Navajo nation in gaining water and solar access to homes.

DIGDEEPThis is the head charity that owns the NWP. They have four programs going that help other communities beyond the Navajo Nation.

Community Center Water Action Fund – Helps not only with water access to multiple communities, they provide voting information and it’s available in Spanish!

CREEJ – Specifically aims to help rural communities where water access is limited, likely due to old plumbing or lack of wells.

Need help?

If you’re affected by the water crisis, please check the links below for drinking water grants and income supplementary for aid. Additionally, your state, county, or city may have programs to help pay for utilities. These are often not tied directly to welfare programs and may have different requirements!

Low Income Household Water Assistance Program

Drinking Water Grants

We are all on this beautiful planet together. Part of that is protecting the environment so she may help future generations grow. But clean water access is so much more than just water contamination. Let’s work together to protect water resources and help our neighbors access clean water.