Sentinels fans, we know you want us to go to Chicago. We know this because Chicago is an awesome city, and around this time of year, there is a fantastic Comic Con that goes on there. Well, we heard your thoughts and your dreams – we are on our way! Chicago will soon be overrun by all sorts of Sentinels in all manner of Multiverses. The only question is: will you be there?

Booth #1140

This fancy map here, showing our the location of Booth #1140, also known as the temporary home for Greater Than Games, was made by the chief moderator of our forum, WriterRyan. “Forum?” you ask. “Yes!” we say! We have a fantastic forum that already has a good deal of activity – go check it out! Tell them Citizen Anvil sent you. Actually, don’t tell them that. They might attack. See you in Chicago!