Welcome back, everyone! Today we’re here to celebrate Black History Month by focusing on Black content creators of all kinds here in the board gaming industry. Our communities need more diversity, so let’s support Black creators when and however we can.

How to Support

The most tangible way to support Black creators within the board gaming industry is to buy and promote their games. Thankfully, forum members of BoardGameGeek and designer Elizabeth Hargrave have created ongoing lists of creators, artists, their games, and where to find them. You can find the BoardGameGeek thread here and Hargrave’s extensive list here.

We here at Greater Than Games want to give a special shout out to a favorite game around the office: MonsDRAWcity. MonsDRAWcity is designed by black game designer Eric Slauson and published by Deep Water Games. Agents try to make sketches from the eye witness who claims to have seen something downright monstrous! The closest wins. It’s a fun party game that never fails to entertain. Find out more about the game here.

Black Game Reviewers

Elevating Black voices is more important now than ever. Black board game reviewers and commentators offer their perspectives across all social media platforms. Remember to completely engage with a post (like, comment, subscribe, share) for maximum effect. The great algorithm learns from your actions! Make them count. Here are three Black content creators we love.

  • BlackBoardGaming – Dwayne and Alicia bring a warm, happy vibe to their videos and reviews. They offer a wonderful perspective thanks to their different tastes in complexity level and themes.
  • Akilaverse – Omari Akil, is a black, queer, polyam individual who regularly streams about board games. You might know him better as the creator of games from Colorway Game Labs. Now you can support them in multiple ways!
  • Jennifer Schlickbernd – One of the first people to receive a DCI number for Magic: The Gathering, co-designer of Advanced Civilization, and an early proponent of German games to the States, Jennifer Schlickbernd’s channel is a must watch for her insight.
  • Our Family Plays Games – Likely a name you’re already familiar with, the Fitch family has been featured on Good Morning America thanks to their incredible reviews and following. 

Don’t forget to check out all their social media accounts! 

Black Experience & Increasing Diversity

Finally, the ultimate focus and goal of Black History Month is to bring attention to Black stories, experiences, and excellence. Jason Perez on his YouTube channel Shelf Stories hosted a panel of all black creators within the industry last year to share their stories. And PoC in TTRPGs is a blog devoted to bringing attention to the specific struggles and joys that POC experience within the TTRPG space.

Black History Month is an integral part of the year for ensuring Black voices are heard. However, Black history should not be limited to just one month of the year, especially with regards to understanding and bettering American history and culture. We hope that you all gain better understanding of friends, neighbors, strangers, and board gamers through this month.