Hi, everyone! We’re inviting you to celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month with us for the remainder of this month.

Greater Than Games believes that bringing good in the world should be the core of what we do. Usually, that’s in the form of gathering friends and family around the game table. But, we all can do more. 

Below we’ve compiled a list of resources for learning more about Asian American and Pacific Islander culture, the oppression that they face, and how we can all get involved in doing what’s right. Let’s get started with some knowledge.


American  Psychological Association – The mental health impact of anti-Asian racism

Asian and Pacific Islander Americans face racism every day. The recent shootings in Atlanta have brought national attention to a social pandemic of a significant increase in hate crimes against AAPI folx. This is an insightful article (also full of resources) on the impact of racism historically, socially, and individually.

PBS – Asian & Pacific American Heritage Month

If you are already aware of the above, the Public Broadcasting System can teach you so much more than your ABCs. From topics such as culture, art, and food to how we got to today’s systems of oppression against AAPI individuals, PBS has it covered.

The Asia Society – APAHM 2021 Events 

Check out live and recorded virtual events (some in person if you’re in the Houston area!) about books, music, systemic oppression, how to fold a paper crane, and everything in between.

Self Evident – Asian America’s Stories 

A podcast devoted to uplifting AAPI voices. Each episode is an in-depth audio documentary from Asians of all different cultures, classes, and backgrounds.


But all that education is for naught if you don’t do something with it. We have a collection of places where you can volunteer, donate, spread awareness on social media, or whatever you can do to help celebrate and support Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders. Spread information. Help out your fellow human. Make a difference where it matters most.

18 Million Rising focuses on providing resources for Asian youth to take action on the ground. 

Stop Asian Hate was created by the Asian Pacific Planning and Policy Council (A3PCON), Chinese for Affirmative Action (CAA), and the Asian American Studies Department of San Francisco State University to collect information on hate crimes for Asian Americans in the wake of  the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Center for Asian Pacific American Women focuses specifically on the difficulties that Asian women face in our society. 

National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Association directly helps APAI folx and their mental health. As noted before, this is crucial in ensuring the survival and happiness of those faced with oppression.

Last but not least, GoFundMe has collected an aggregate of APAI individuals and small APAI owned businesses in need of relief from COVID-19’s driven recession. We understand that it can be difficult to justify donating to a large organization, so this is a direct way to help individuals in their everyday lives.


Possibly the most important aspect of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is uplifting the voices of individuals.

Here are two archived streams of fully AAPI casts participating in Dungeons and Dragons one-shot games to raise awareness for AAPI and Stop AAPI hate.

Love and Lanterns – A D&D one-shot for AAPI

Guardian Angels of QinDi – A D&D one-shot

Finally, the streaming service Twitch has an excellent collection of their monthly focuses and events. All AAPI voices doing what they love and getting the attention they deserve.

Celebrate Asian Pacific Island Heritage Month with Twitch

Here at Greater Than Games, we hope you will join us in celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander voices, take action, and spread information to make the world a little better!