Now with special guest Dave!

Show Notes

Run Time: 2:06:26

Our newest Bullpen yet! The secondest Bullpen we’ve ever done! What a delight. And having both Paul and Dave here not only made it a good time; it also made it a Bullpen.

Here’s the upcoming schedule:

  • Tuesday, February 2nd: Episode #165: [REDACTED]
  • Tuesday, February 9th: Episode #166: Creative Process: Ignazio Gallo’s Treasure Trove
  • Tuesday, February 16th: Editor’s Note #45 (THE RETURN!)
  • Tuesday, February 23rd: Episode #167: Writers’ Room: Fashion

After some intros, goofs, and talking about the schedule, we get into your questions – all about Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game – at around the 5 minute mark.

Thanks, everyone! We’ll definitely do more SCRPG content as the products make their way into wider distribution.