It’s a new type of episode for the end of a very long year!

Show Notes:


The biggest cast we’ve ever had! Including a surprise twist early on in the episode!

Here’s what happens in January of next year!

Upcoming schedule: 

  • Tuesday, January 5th: Start of Year Break
  • Tuesday, January 12th: Episode #163: Writers’ Room: Ra and Setback Buddy-Cop Story
  • Tuesday, January 19th: The Bullpen #2 (featuring Paul and DAVE!)
  • Tuesday, January 26th: Episode #164: Creative Process: SCRPG Lore Crash Course

After MUCH goofing around, we finally get into questions at just after the 19 minute mark, and we are all over the place on questions! Thanks for bearing with us.

Thanks for joining us, everyone! We’ll catch you next year!