Hello, everyone! This is our first in many articles of Who’s Who in the Greater Than Games team. We’re beginning this series with our warehouse team. In the age of COVID, we owe a HUGE amount of our continued success as a company to the warehouse team. While most of our company was able to switch to a new work-from-home environment, the warehouse employees couldn’t possibly do their jobs from home. Turns out it’s hard to pick inventory and pack boxes remotely! After careful restructuring and new policies for everyone’s health and safety, the team continued to work hard in the warehouse. Not only did they maintain our shipping and receiving standards, but they moved all inventory to our new, much larger warehouse (perfect for social distancing!) and then leveled up our shipping game to even higher standards!

Without further ado, meet our warehouse crew!

Arturo Moreno’s main jobs in the warehouse are fulfilling parcel shipments as well as assisting with distributor orders. If you were one of the Citizens who joined in our Livestream a few weeks back, you may also remember him from his stunning camera work while driving the floor scrubber around the warehouse.

Matt Bender is a self-described “professional minion” for Matt Kroll and Jodie Wagner, the heads of the warehouse who you’ll meet next month! He spends his days packing parcels for daily orders and large shipouts, as well as building distributor orders in addition to any other tasks that may pop up around the warehouse.

Ruby Topping is the main employee in charge of distributor orders. Not only does she build these multi-pallet orders at record speeds, she then schedules them for shipping. When not building up pallets, she can be found tearing down pallets from containers to receive new inventory into the warehouse.

Zach Brush works tirelessly to pack individual parcels for the orders going out to excited fans like yourself! As one of the tallest members in the warehouse crew, if your order includes something from up high, chances are Zach has helped pick it! This hockey lover’s goal (get it? Goal? Hock– yeah, you get it!) is to be as quick and efficient as possible.

What’s one of your favorite things about working in the GTG warehouse?

Arturo: The thing I love most about working at the GTG warehouse is the relaxed atmosphere. I have been working in a warehouse setting for over 10 years now ( I just realized I’m getting old) and I never knew that it could be a joy coming into work. Also, my coworkers are all beautiful people.

Matt: The existential, philosophical, and/or gaming-related conversations we get into whilst warehousing. Also, making fun of Imo’s Pizza.

Ruby: My coworkers. I’ve been working in logistics for over 20 years and it’s an absolute joy to be around this team and I laugh myself to tears at least once a week.

Zach: My favorite thing about the warehouse is how relaxed it is all time. I never feel stressed out here.

What’s your favorite way to unwind after a busy day?

Arturo: To unwind after a busy day, I like to play minecraft with my kids until night night time, then some mystery puzzle games or Call of Duty with my wonderful girlfriend Joy.

Matt: The longest shower possible.

Ruby: Snuggling up on the couch with my wife and our doggos, and enjoying some streaming shows or video games.

Zach: My favorite way to unwind after work is to hang out with my daughter, play video games, and work out.

What’s one thing you wish people knew or understood about working at the GTG warehouse?

Arturo: One thing I wish people knew about working for GTG is that it is a company that actually cares for its employees. From providing a living wage to not pretending like the word empathy doesn’t exist in the dictionary.

Matt: Just how necessary it is to know deep-cut dinosaur facts as a GTG employee.

Ruby: That it is unlike working at any other warehouse. No matter your job, you are heard and respected.

Zach: I wish people understood that just because they placed an order that it is not immediately gonna be shipped out.

Are you a dog person or a cat person (or other or neither)?

Arturo: If I had to choose between a cat or a dog I would definitely choose a cat. Dogs demand too much attention for me AND you can train cats to poop in the toilet.

Matt: Currently, I’m a person with cats and a cat person. But, I aspire to be a dog person one day.

Ruby: I love cats but I’m definitely partial to dogs as I have two at home.

Zach: I am definitely a dog person but not tiny dogs. More like medium to large dogs.

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?

Arturo: If I was able to choose a superpower it would be Telepathy, Charles Xavier style.

Matt: Remembering where I put things after I set them down absent-mindedly while in the middle of a task.

Ruby: Shapeshifting!

Zach: The superpower I would choose is to rewind back in time like a day so I could fix any mistakes I made that day.