General Information

What is a Citizen, Sidekick, Demoer, or Team Lead? What is exactly involved in the job? What does a shift generally look like?

A Citizen or Demoer will demo games for us at a convention. This is a “sales pitch” of the game where you play a round (or two or three) of the game to let people experience it! You also let them know the price, approximate time for a game, player count, and any other questions they might have about the game.

Citizen and Demoer are the same. Citizen is just the specific name that Greater Than Games uses for their demoers.

Sidekicks or Team Leads are between Citizens/Demoers and GTG staff. They are also usually Flex. These members know about multiple games and can jump in to help relieve people for breaks, field questions before asking a GTG employee, and overall just provide extra help beyond demoing a game.

How do I become a Team Lead/Sidekick?

We typically require at least one year of demoing with us before we will allow a member to become a Team Lead or Sidekick. If you’re interested, let us know in an email and we’ll keep you in mind for the future!

What are the minimums and why are they there?

For every convention, we require 16 hours. Either 2 different 8 hour shifts or 4 different 4 hour shifts. There are some exceptions if the convention is only 3 days long. Basically, we want the equivalent of you working every day for a half day. We’re not picky how that happens!

Rather than requiring you work the entirety of the convention from sun-up to sundown, we offer our demoers to be able to work part time so they can go out and enjoy the convention! A line had to be drawn somewhere, though, as to how many hours we needed and this is what works best for us. Got a special accommodation? Email or 

Do I get breaks?

Of course! What kind depends on how long you will be working that day. 4 hour shifts are allowed a 15 minute break. 8 hours shifts are allowed a 30 minute break. Both of these are paid. There may be exceptions to this based on the country we are demoing in, but this is the overall rule.

What are the pay and the benefits?

$20/hour USD for Citizens & Demoers
$25/hour USD for Sidekicks & Team Leads

In addition to this, you get a new demo copy of the game to keep and practice with before the convention, t-shirt to wear on the convention floor, and other swag as we can provide!

What information do you need from me?

We will need:

    • Legal name
    • Preferred name
    • Pronouns
    • Phone Number
    • Mailing address (no PO boxes please!)
    • T-shirt size
    • What publisher and games you’re familiar with

Do I need to sign any paperwork?

You only need to sign paperwork if you are a non-US entity! What does that mean? A US entity is anyone who is a: US citizen, US permanent resident, US temporary resident with a right to work, or basically anyone that has the right to work in the USA. So a non-US entity is the opposite!

Here is what you need to fill out if you are a non-US entity WORKING IN A COUNTRY NOT THE UNITED STATES

Tax Form and Contract

Here is what you need to fill out if you are a non-us entity WORKING WITHIN THE UNITED STATES.

Tax Form

Please fill these out and email them to us. We need these on file in order to process payment! 

We will also need your PayPal email address if you are a non-US entity.

How does receiving payment work?

There are two answers to this!

US Entities (people who have the right to work in the US) – Before Gen Con, you will receive an invitation to Paycom where you will be asked to fill out an I-9. If you do not have this filled out before Gen Con, you will not be able to work. This is to ensure that the payment will be processed in a timely manner! We want to get the money to you as soon as possible.

Non-US Entities (people who aren’t US citizens, permanent residents, etc.) – You will receive your payment through PayPal. This is why it is absolutely important for you to communicate your PayPal email with us as early as possible! It will take up to one month after the convention to receive payment.

FOR BOTH! If you do not receive payment within two months without previous notice, please email us at or 

How do I contact you?

There are two primary methods! When and what kind of contact depends on where we are in the process.

If you have received a Sling invitation, please use it. Two months before the convention and onward, this will be the primary method of contact. This makes it easier for our convention organizers to make sure that everyone is receiving information as it’s been the most consistent so far. You can find out more about Sling’s DMs here.

Otherwise, please use our emails as mentioned before: or 

What name do I have to have on my badge?

This can vary per convention, but in general you can have whatever you want on there. PLEASE let us know your preferred name as you’d like it to appear on the badge for your safety.


What is Sling? Do I have to use it?

Sling is a shift scheduling app! You can download it here: 

The short answer is: yes. Not only is it the way that we schedule shifts, it’s also our primary way of contacting you once you have signed up to be a Citizen/Demoer. You should be able to download the app to your phone, but there is a website version available.

You will receive a Sling account activation email or notification that the shifts are live. Please be sure to follow that! If you have not heard anything within 2 months of the convention, please email us!

How do I sign up for shifts? Or any question related to operating Sling.

You can find their FAQs here! Any further help will likely be better done through the Sling questions system.

Getting Ready & Demoing

Where and how will we collect badges, t-shirts, etc?

Every convention has a Meet & Greet where we get to chat, answer questions, practice demos, and so much more! Where and when? That obviously depends and likely will be communicated to you via Sling DM or email. Here’s the general rules of thumb.

For GenCon: as there are so many of you, we have a dedicated room for our Meet & Greet! The room number this year is: 140  We always have our Meet & Greets on Wednesday from 6pm-9pm. Come say hello!

For Not GenCon: These are usually smaller conventions (less than 10 of you) and thus smaller spaces! We always meet in the lobby of our hotel on the day before the convention from 6pm-9pm. Just as the above we hang out, talk, practice demos, and so on.

You will get final details and room numbers in MailChimp emails leading up to the convention. Be sure that you are receiving our emails!

What if I can’t make it to the Meet & Greet?

Please let us know as soon as possible! We’ll be able to accommodate you as best as we can.

What games will you be demoing? How do I get information about those games?

Each link should be to the BoardGameGeek listing where you can get every bit of information you need. Here is our Google Drive on rulebooks (pending!).

How do I demo a game?

A demo of a game is short, sweet, and to the point. All games should be at least a few turns – simple games can be easy to complete. However, no demo of a complicated game should be more than a few rounds. For example, LOSH, Sentinels, and Spirit Island can go on for upwards of an hour. That’s not a demo! You can ask us for tips at the Meet & Greet on how to cut the game short, if we don’t provide that information for you. Still not sure? That’s exactly what the Meet & Greet is for!

Some more tips! 

    • The point is not to win. The point is to sell the person on the game. The easiest way to do that is to be enthusiastic and have fun!
    • Always be standing (if able) to encourage people to come to your booth. Point at people specifically and ask if they’d like to demo a game. You can use fun catchy stuff if you like, but clear it with a Team Lead, Sidekick, or GtG Employee!
    • Learn all the facts about the game, even if you only know the first chapter, select characters, etc. This includes price, length of play, age range, etc.

Where will you be located at the convention?

This is pending information! We’ll let you know as soon as we do.

Do I need to bring my demo copy of the game?

NO! In fact, please do not. It’s only going to make your luggage heavier. We have copies at the convention for you to both use for the convention and practice with. That demo copy is yours to keep.

Are there any safety protocols I should be aware of?

Yes! If you are having difficulty with a table or guest, please make a peace sign (✌️) behind your back. This is a signal that employees and Sidekicks/Team Leads will be on the lookout for. They will be able to jump in and help you. 

You are ALWAYS entitled to walk away from a table to seek help when your safety (mental, emotional, or physical) is in danger.

Dress Code

What are your dress code requirements?

NO COSPLAY OF ANY KIND! Whether it’s one of our properties or not. Otherwise, please don’t wear anything that could harm others or potentially get you in trouble for indecency. That’s it! 

Should I be wearing a mask?

The COVID compliance and requirements differ from every convention. And also largely depend on what is required. GTG policy will be made clear via Sling DMs. Although err on the side of needing masks and needing to supply your own!

Day Of Questions & Other Concerns

Where do I report for my shift?

For GenCon: your shift should tell you where to go. If you are not sure where to find that on the GenCon map, please send us a Sling DM or reach out via email.

For non-GenCon: head straight to our booth! 

Once you reach our location, you can clock in on the Sling app, but please be sure to check in with the FRG Employee team lead who is there. You’ll be able to identify them by the Greater Than Games or Flat River Group logo on their clothes.

Hey, I have stuff to bring. Where can I put it?

That depends on the space we have! Our booth designs change every year. Please ask in the group Sling DM that our staff will start. We typically cannot answer this question until after that DM has been created.

What about food and drink?

We absolutely allow and encourage water. We ask that, unless you’ve made previous arrangements, that there is no eating on the convention floor in view of customers. Cardboard and cardstock are generally weak to water and grease, after all… We are more than happy to work with you on short breaks to grab something to eat!

I’m suddenly not able to make it!

That’s fine! We understand things happen. Please email us as soon as possible at or 

I have a disability or special circumstance and need to speak with you.

Please Sling DM or email us at or 

I have a question or concern that’s not addressed here.

Please Sling DM or email us at or