The Island of Doctor Lucky

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In this tropical spin on Kill Doctor Lucky, you’re still competing to kill the old man, but this time you picked a dangerous place to do it: Isla Fortuna, his mysterious tropical island!

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Award-winning classic Kill Doctor Lucky gets a tropical spin in this new stand-alone board game! You’re still playing bloodthirsty enemies of despicable philanthropist Doctor J. Robert Lucky; but this time, you’re trying to kill him on Isla Fortuna, his mysterious tropical island. You can still attempt murder the old fashioned way, using a weapon where no one can see you. Or, you can take advantage of the new Hazard cards to hit him from anywhere else on the map! Hazards represent the dangers of the island itself, and players can use them much like murder attempts—not just on Doctor Lucky, but on other players as well! Playing a Hazard earns a player extra movement for the rest of the game. Dodge hazards like the fire pit and the hammerhead crabs as you navigate the perilous regions of Isla Fortuna. Find the old man alone, and kill him with whatever you can find: the shark tooth, the elephant gun, or the bad dates, or (if you must) you can do it with your bare hands. If you play your cards right, you can kill Doctor Lucky!

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