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Greater Than Games is now part of Flat River Group. Flat River Group has been an important business partner for us here since 2013, as they are a major distribution company in the tabletop industry.

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Horizons of Spirit Island Across the Globe

What’s the latest on Horizons of Spirit Island today? We have several important announcements to make about the newest game in the Spirit Island family, and another about Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate, the upcoming crowdfunded expansion! First up: let’s talk Horizons of Spirit Island international availability. We have been listening and we...

Spirit Island Premium Foil Spirit Panels

We've got new accessories for Spirit Island ready for you! Over the last year, we've spent some time considering the existing components of Spirit Island, looking at what could be improved and what could be enhanced for fans of the game. You'll see some of those component variations this fall in Horizons of Spirit Island, along with new, thinner...

Announcing Horizons of Spirit Island!

Art by Lucas Durham Fans of Spirit Island, gather around. We have some news to share with you. Back in the long-gone days of 2021, a certain rather popular United States box-department store that you may be familiar with (they go by Target) reached out to us to say, “Hey, we like your game Spirit Island a lot. Can you make a lighter standalone...

Compounded: The Peer-Reviewed Edition & Lab Notes: The Chem Lab Roll-And-Write

Press Contact:Geddy Cary-Avery (she/her)Brand Manager, Greater Than GamesSt. Louis, Missouri, Hello from Greater Than Games! We’re officially launching our crowdfunding campaign for the next board games that we have developed: Compounded: The Peer-Reviewed Edition and Lab Notes, the chem lab roll-and-write game....

Check out this incredible Nightmist! The glowing rings, the studded mask! Perfection

📷 by @aelvishbard: Gen Con Appreciation Post: Definitive Sentinels Edition!
Yes yes I know we’ve seen most of these already…BUT!
Look, I didn’t expect the Con to get much better after posing with a piece of art I inspired…but you know those wild and crazy dreams you have, the “oh man wouldn’t it be cool if” thoughts, the “there is NO way this would happen, but OMG if it did” dreams…?
It is the second simplest cosplay I do…I pulled 95% of it from my closet. And yet here we are: you can’t see the smile on my face because of the mask, but trust me, Nightmist brought the magic to me…and I hope/think to Christopher and a good chunk of the @gtgamesllc booth.
From allowing me to creep into the back of The Letters Page Live Taping to letting me glimpse the gritty greatness that is Rook City, you took an already amazing GenCon and knocked it right out of the park.
Thank you. I’ll see you all on the mean streets of Rook City, ready to kick some Gloomweaver a$$!
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some quick teasers from our footage of #gencon2022! We've got more to show you, too. Stay tuned tomorrow! ...