Greetings from Paul Bender, CEO of Greater Than Games!

I can scarcely believe that it has been nearly two years since we acquired the publishing rights to Cheapass Games! Over the past eighteen months or so, we’ve been working on getting a handle on the catalog and refining our long-term plans while continuing to sell the existing inventory we picked up in the acquisition. While we had a rough roadmap in mind when we acquired the Cheapass Games publishing rights, there’s nothing like actually handling and selling the products to really get a feel for a line of games. Going forward, we have a few upcoming projects that I’m really excited about.

First up, we have an all-new version of Tak coming out on March 12th! We’ve overhauled the board art, box art, and rules, and worked with the factory to kick the component quality up a notch. We were also able to work with Patrick Rothfuss on the revisions and include some Kingkiller Chronicle “Easter eggs”!

Second, we are working with DriveThru Cards to get Cheapass content up and running again. We’ve talked to several fans about making BRAWL and Button Men decks accessible, and we are hoping to get those online, as well as many other games, sometime around the end of April.Third, we’ll have a slightly updated edition of Kill Doctor Lucky: Deluxe 24 3/4th Anniversary Edition hitting shelves (and web stores) sometime in late May. With this edition, we didn’t make nearly as many alterations as we did with Tak. The art, components, and rules are all essentially the same, but we were able to slightly increase the robustness of some of the components.

Finally, we’ve been combing through the Cheapass Games catalog for other games that we think could be turned into new editions. We’ve already spent a lot of time on Veritas, a game that I’m personally very fond of. We’ve got a lot of new art and maps in the works, and are currently figuring out a few complex manufacturing details. We’re also working on another game from the Cheapass Games back catalog, but it is a bit too soon to let the rabbit out of the hat on that one. We are likely to run a Kickstarter campaign this fall for one of these games in order to gauge interest and determine an appropriate print run size, but we’re still ironing out the details and making sure that all of our production ducks are in a row.

If you got this far, thanks for reading! We’re going to keep working with the Cheapass Games catalog for years to come, so if you have any thoughts or suggestions, definitely let us know!

– Paul Bender