Hey, folks! This has been one heck of a month preparing for the Sentinels of the Multiverse: Definitive Edition Kickstarter, releasing Tak: A Beautiful Game 2nd Edition, and adding a new person to our team! 

That’s right, the team is once again expanding! This time we are welcoming Bailey Pittman (pronouns: xi/xir) as our Customer Service and Social Media Manager. Xi will be your go-to for customer service concerns and questions for both our website and social media channels. Bailey’s work with Katie Nale and myself will prove invaluable as our voice of the customer, continuing to foster communication between GTG and you! Katie is now our Client Services Manager, working on the sales team with distributors and retailers and assisting with GTG Operations.

Bailey Pittman, Customer Service & Social Media Manager!

 Bailey looks forward to the opportunity of expanding xir knowledge of board games, writing, and most importantly getting to interact with our audience. Xi has nearly 15 years of customer service experience but originally started in the education sector with a focus on history. Xi made the transition from education to full-time customer service with xir move from New Orleans to St. Louis. When not board gaming and writing, Bailey likes to spend xir time debating sci-fi canon and GMing with xir friends and family!

We are thrilled to have xir added to our team, and you can look forward to more blog content coming directly from Bailey over the next several months! As well as interacting with xir on our social media and forums!