Paul and Christopher are a bit loopy, but that doesn’t mean they can’t answer questions!

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:42:48

There’s a pretty heavy-hitting topic right off the bat, even before the actual question section, but then we get into questions and never quite recover!

Paul spends… a LOT of time talking about Star Trek. We hope you like Star Trek. Or at least hearing Paul talk about Star Trek.

And there are TWO different game shows in this episode! Who would have guessed?!

All in all, more silliness and also some potentially useful (though mostly useless) info was dispensed. Another successful Publishers’ Note!

If you have any questions for the next episode: “Writers’ Room: NightMist vs Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde” make sure you get them in before this Friday, November 13th! Send them in using this handy form!