Spirit Island: Jagged Earth

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The Jagged Earth Expansion brings a fantastic variety of new play content to the fight for Spirit Island and allows you to expand the game from 4 players to 6.

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Peril racks Spirit Island. The invaders are more numerous and more capable than ever before. As hope begin to fade, defense of the island falls to those spirits more in tune with the danger and chaos of the natural world. Will you be able to harness their power to protect the island or will it fall to the persistence of the invaders? Whatever the outcome, Spirit Island will never be the same after the time of Jagged Earth!


3 New Scenarios
10 New Spirits - including 41 Unique Power Cards
2 New Adversaries - including 4 Adversary Reminder Tiles
2 New Island Boards
30 New Event Cards
6 New Fear Cards
7 New Blight Cards
24 New Major Power Cards - including 1 Sea Monster replacement card
33 New Minor Power Cards
6 Aspect Cards - Optional aspects (innate powers) for the 4 core game spirits
25 Badland Tokens - A new way to fight invaders!

More plastic, wooden, and cardboard tokens play up to 6 players)
18 Dahan
24 Blight
25 Explorers
16 Towns
10 Cities
35 Beast Tokens
30 Disease Tokens
22 Wilds Tokens
22 Strife Tokens
16 Fear Markers
24 Energy Markers
18 1-Energy Markers
6 3-Energy Markers
26 Spirit Presence - 13 each in 2 colors
6 Single-Turn Effect Markers (Defend) - 3 of each in 2 colors
18 Single-Turn Effect Markers (Isolate) - 3 of each in 6 colors
64 Element Markers - 8 of each element
6 Player Aid Cards
8 Reminder Cards

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