Horizons of Spirit Island – Classic Spirit Panel Boards

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New Horizons bring new Spirits! This set of Spirit Panel Boards replaces each of the Spirit Panels from the board game Horizons of Spirit Island with classic sturdy full-sized boards that match the greyboards used in the rest of the Spirit Island games.

This product is an accessory and requires the purchase of Horizons of Spirit Island to play!


SKU: SISL-BHRZ Categories: , Tag:

New Spirits on the Horizon!

Horizons of Spirit Island introduced five new spirits, ready to defend their island from the ravages of the Invaders. This set upgrades their Spirit panels from cards to the sturdy boards you've come to expect from other sets of Spirit Island. All of the same information for Devouring Teeth Lurk Underfoot, Eyes Watch from the Trees, Fathomless Mud of the Swamp, Rising Heat of Stone and Sand, and Sun-Bright Whirlwind, but on classic, sturdy greyboard instead of the cardstock used in Horizons of Spirit Island.

Elevate your Spirits. Save your Island.

This is a game accessory. Requires a copy of Horizons of Spirit Island to play.

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