Greetings, Sentinels Fans! We have survived our month of conventions, and have come back with things to share! Have you checked out our Downloads page yet? Besides a .pdf of the rulebook, there are also other exciting goodies there, like the HP tracker cards which we hand out at conventions. Also, we’ve heard your requests for some new, exciting ways to play Sentinels of the Multiverse. Check out our Story Challenges! Some of them are pretty straight forward, but you might find many of them rather challenging! Once you’ve started in on the Story Challenges, go here to discuss your success and lament your close calls. Have you heard of MineCraft? We here at Greater Than Games are big MineCraft fans, and after getting to meet the creator, Notch, at PAX, Adam couldn’t wait to put our characters into the MineCraft world. We’ve made character skins for all of the heroes and villains of Sentinels of the Multiverse available to you on the Downloads page, and they’re pretty great! My personal favorite is the Absolute Zero skin. Want more from us? We want to give you more! Go to our forum and tell us what more you need to make your Sentinels of the Multiverse experience!