Aliases: Jack Donovan
Age: 31
Height: 6’ 1”
Weight: 210 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: White
Birthplace: Rook City
Power Source: Chemical Experimentation
Group Affiliation: None
Occupation: Serial Killer, Death-Row Inmate, Experiment Subject
First Appearance: Mystery Comics #98

Pike Laboratories Barzakh Wing: Compound Testing Log #43

No test subjects remain from the previous shipment from R.C. Penitentiary death row. Due to receive a new test group today.

Test group shipment acknowledged. Subjects Bilancia, Bonin, Donovan, Haarmann, Knowles, Mogale, Mullin, Renczi, Ridgway, and Suff hooked into compound testing conduits.

Beginning with PL Compound 530. Failure. Lost Subjects Knowles and Renczi.

Testing PL Compound 531. Minor success. Lost Subject Bonin, but Subject Donovan survived. PL Compound 531 now designated Upsilon.  

500s batch was based on a derivation from a single compound. Moving to 600s batch, a more varied test set.

Beginning with PL Compound 601. Failure. Lost Subject Haarmann. No positive effect in Subject Donovan, but any negative effects seem to be minor.

Testing PL Compound 602. Success. Lost Subjects Mogale and Bilancia, but major positive effect in Subject Donovan. PL Compound 602 now designated Omicron.

Testing PL Compound 603. Failure. Lost Subject Mullin. Other subjects weakened but not lost. Subject Donovan seemingly unaffected.

Testing PL Compound 604. Minor Failure. Lost Subject Suff. Subject Donovan’s vitals increased, but possibly unconnected.

Testing PL Compound 605. Incomplete. Upon administering compound, Subject Donovan’s conduit broke. Patched Subject Donovan into Subject Ridgway’s conduit.

Testing PL Compound 606. Incomplete. Before administering compound, Subject Ridgeway lost and Subject Donovan’s vitals doubled. Error. Unsupported result. Flooding Subject Donovan’s conduit with remainder of 600s batch to end test group. Send notice to R.C. Penitentiary for additional subjects.

Error. Subject Donovan is conscious. Unsupported result. Subject Donovan reacting positively to all Compounds.  

He’s looking at me.

[End of Testing Log #43]

Office note: With the destruction of the Barzakh Wing, please destroy this Testing log and all other Testing Logs from that wing. Also, report all subjects from R.C. Penitentiary as “lost, unrecoverable” and stop any additional subject transfers.