Aliases: Nightmare Walker
Age: Timeless
Height: Variable
Weight: None
Hair Color: Green Flame
Eye Color: none
Birthplace: Realm of Discord
Power Source: Voodoo, the Gloom and Despair of mortals
Group Affiliation: None
Occupation: Extra-Dimensional Demon, Voodoo God
First Appearance: Freedom Five Annual #6

GloomWeaver is an extra-dimensional demon worshiped by many Voodoo cults and primitive tribes. He feeds on the gloom and despair of mankind, awarding dark magic to those who worship him in return for their sacrifices, encouraging them to inflict suffering on the world around them to feed his powers. Although he often sends his thoughts and power into this world for brief periods of time, he has failed to permanently breach the veil that separates him from the feast of desperate souls that our world offers.

But that is about to change. Terrible battles between villains and heroes have grown more frequent over the past few decades - the gloom and despair their battles have wrought have increased his power. Cultists have begun collecting the terrible relics of GloomWeaver: the Pouch of Bones, the Drum of Despair, Grimoire of Curses. If all three are brought together and GloomWeaver is invoked, the seals will be broken! The world’s greatest heroes gather, intent on stopping the demon’s plot, but GloomWeaver is pleased - their strife and anguish will feed his power, and spur his cultists on to bring discord and despair into this world, permanently. And with the heroes defeated, GloomWeaver and his worshipers will be free to spread gloom, despair, and death across the multiverse indefinitely.