Aliases: Dr. Meredith Stinson
Age: 38
Height: 6’ 0”
Weight: 140 lbs
Hair Color: Strawberry Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Birthplace: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Birthday: June 15th
Power Source: Science
Group Affiliation: The Freedom Five
Occupation: Particle Physicist
First Appearance: The Freedom Four Annual #1

Have you ever taken the time to wonder who is responsible for most of the innovations in our world? Who made it possible to get your car’s gas mileage over 60 miles to the gallon by changing the way the world uses fuel? Who finally found the key that would lead to the cure for cancer? Whose unrelenting expertise resulted in the first mission to send humans to Mars? You may be surprised to find out that there is just one answer to these questions: Dr. Meredith Stinson.

You may have heard that name before. Most of her accomplishments have gone largely unheralded in the public sphere; however, Dr. Stinson has had a hand in research across the entire scientific spectrum. She’s dabbled in everything from military technology to cheaper methods of ore processing, from learning patterns in rodents to the dietary habits of school children, and from more environmentally friendly waste management to developing a system for indefinite water renewal. That said, for all of the fields she’s made an influence in, her greatest achievements have been in the field of particle physics.

Dr. Meredith Stinson was the driving force behind the creation of the Particle Yield Enhancing Wavelength at the Eaken-Rubendall Laboratory, a technology meant to revolutionize travel and transportation. Its purpose would be to use light to transport objects. In theory, it would transport objects at the speed of light without the normal dangers of high-speed travel. It was this device that would finally bring her into the public eye, but not for any reason which Dr. Stinson could have anticipated. While calibrating the device, a safety mechanism failed, sealing Dr. Stinson within the testing chamber as the machine began to boot up. Springing to action, her team struggled to free her from the chamber, but they were unable to open the doors before the device finished its startup sequence. Dr. Stinson was thrown to the floor as the chamber was flooded with tachyons, but to everyone’s surprise, she emerged apparently unscathed.

Shaken but returning to work, she began to notice an unusual increase in her efficiency. Tasks that would have taken hours were done in half the time, and she found herself unconsciously picking up speed as she moved about the lab. Steadying herself, she carefully drew a blood sample from herself for further examination. To her surprise, she discovered that the cells within her body had been accelerated. Securing a wind tunnel within the facility for herself, she began to test the extent of her changes and found that she could move at superhuman speed.

News of her findings quickly spread, resulting in the government recruiting her for a new initiative. Dr. Stinson was offered nigh-unlimited research funds in exchange for her services. If you still have yet to figure out why her name sounds so familiar to you, then we’ll finally cut to the chase: Dr. Meredith Stinson is most commonly known as Tachyon, the quickest woman on Earth, and the third member of the Freedom Five.