Alias: Faye Diamond
Age: 25
Height: 5’ 7”
Weight: 115 lbs (3 grams in mist form)
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Green
Birthplace: Providence, Rhode Island
Power Source: Curse, The Occult
Occupation: Private Investigator, Adventurer 
First Appearance: Freedom Five Annual #6

Faye Diamond took over the Diamond Investigations when her father retired. Gaining access to the agency files, she began to investigate the disappearance of her grandfather Joe over 70 years earlier. That investigation took her to Arkham, Mass. and deep into the workings of a coven of witches where she first came face to face with the Occult and magical relics.

During her time with the coven she learned that “magic” is real, and, furthermore, she had a talent for it. The Study of the Occult and magic became an obsession for her until one day a spell wentterribly awry - the Mists of R'lyeh backfired! Instead of transporting her to another dimension, it brought part of the dimension into her, transforming her body into incorporeal mists! Overcome with arcane energies, she blacked out. Hours later, when she recovered, she found that she was once again solid. The incident, however, had cursed her forever - parts of her shift from solid to mist in the presence of darkness or shadow.

Only a few weeks later, a wizened Chinese man appeared at the agency, identifying himself only as The Master. He claimed that he had been called by the mists and was here to teach her to handle both her gift of magic and her curse of the mists. Years of training with The Master went by, and yet, he repeatedly insisted that she was still unprepared to face the true terrors of the other planes.  

One night, while Faye was poring over the Tome of Elder Magic, there was a rapid, insistent knocking at the door to Diamond Investigations - Tachyon had gathered information about paranormal investigators and had come seeking the help of the best: Faye Diamond. Taking the name “NightMist”, Faye assisted the Freedom Five in turning back the first assault of terror from the villainous entity known as GloomWeaver.

Since that time, NightMist has vigilantly patrolled the shadows of night, seeking a cure for her curse while protecting this world from things that come from the realms beyond our own!