Mr. Fixer

Aliases: Harry Robert Walker - “Slim” Walker
Age: 85
Height: 5’ 7”
Weight: 160
Hair Color: Grey
Eye Color: Brown
Birthplace: Rook City
Power Source: Martial Arts Training
Group Affiliation: None
Occupation: Adventurer, Mechanic
First Appearance: Justice Comics #129 as Black Fist
                             Mystery Comics #145 as Mr. Fixer

The old mechanic that runs “Slim’s Auto Shop” only answers to “Slim”.  There was a time when he went by “H. R. Walker” - everyone just called him “H.R.” back then. But those were simpler times.  H.R. used to run a martial arts school for kids, most of whom never paid for their classes, but about 25 years ago, a group of his students were killed for standing up for themselves, gunned down by drug dealers for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  It wasn’t even mentioned in the papers. No one cared. H.R. closed down the school the next day, telling students, “The only way to stay safe is to not fight back.”
Now, Slim just runs his auto shop, and everyone in the neighborhood knows it’s the best place to get your car fixed. Slim doesn’t use the fancy diagnostic computer like the big shops, but he always gets the cars running better than before, and doesn’t charge much at all. Few people even remember that H.R. ever existed, much less the martial arts school.

However, the pushers and dealers are expanding their territory, and there’s been a rash of criminal activity on Slim’s block. He maintains a policy of “Don’t fight back. Give them what they want.” But his shop assistant, Charlie, has been getting pushed around lately by some unsavory thugs, and “Don’t fight back” won’t protect him for long...