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Australian Sentinel Tactics Tournaments

Sentinel Tactics has been blowing up, here in the United States, and we've been running tournaments all over the country. But sometimes, the other side of the world needs love, too.

Our good friend Peter has been busy organizing several tournaments in Australia, and we want you to play and win! The tournament schedule is as follows, and you could win passes to PAX Australia at all of them.

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Events at Gen Con 2015

Gen Con is coming up soon, and we have a full schedule of activities to keep everyone happy. We thought you might want a breakdown of everything we’re doing.

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Announcing the 2015 Dexterity Game Design Contest

If you listen to Chris Kirkman's podcast, The State of Games, you will know that he has announced something we're very excited about. Starting today and running through August 31st, 2015, we will be accepting submissions for a contest!

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June 1st and All-Day Streaming

We have an interesting event to announce! On June 1st, Christopher and Adam will be streaming all day. And it's not just a normal day. No, they'll be creating a brand new Sentinel Tactics character right before your very eyes!

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Geekway to the West

We've had several questions about this, and I can now answer them definitively. Greater Than Games will be at Geekway to the West here in St. Louis!

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Two new Rabbits on Kickstarter, 72 hours only!

Deck Building: The Deck Building Game and Unpub: The Unpublished Card Game have launched on Kickstarter! Now, this is normally the day that people expect pranks around every corner, but I can assure you that this is for real. No joke, these really are games. Good games. Fun games. Games that, when we first heard the pitches, we almost felt dared to publish them.

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Teaser? Teaser.

Things are super exciting around Greater Than Games HQ lately. We had a great run with our preorder for Villains of the Multiverse and Sentinel Tactics: Battle for Broken City, and development for those is coming along nicely. Bottom of the 9th was a huge hit. And now, something new?

Stay tuned on Wednesday for something exciting on Kickstarter!

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International TableTop Day Support

International TableTop Day on April 11th is a fantastic day celebrating games and the people that play them, and we want to support this! Last year, we held our own event here at Greater Than Games HQ, and it went really well. This year, unfortunately, we won't be able to do the same. However, we are going to make sure we're a part of things!

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Sentinel Tactics Tournament in St. Louis on June 13th

Greeting Sentinel Tactics fans! You've all been watching the exciting tournament videos from recent conventions, and I'm sure you are itching to play. Well, wait no further! On June 13th at 11 AM, Game Nite in St. Louis will be hosting an official Sentinel Tactics Tournament, and we'll be there, too. Field your three person team and fight for glory! And don't worry; we'll be live casting this tournament as well on our Twitch channel.


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