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New Bedford: The Historical Game of Whaling and Town Building

New Bedford is launching on Kickstarter this coming Tuesday, July 21 at 10:00 AM! If you're not familiar with New Bedford, it's a really fantastic game designed by Nat Levan.

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Chemistry fans, rejoice!

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Monster Truck Mayhem has launched on Kickstarter!

That's right, Monster Truck Mayhem launched without a hitch on Kickstarter! This is your chance to grab the exciting and action-packed real-time dice-rolling game of monster truck racing that everyone has been talking about.

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Monster Truck Mayhem, this TUESDAY, TUESDAY, TUESDAY!

Cover artwork not final

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Sentinel Tactics tournaments, happening here in St. Louis and everywhere!

There is so much Sentinel Tactics tournament action happening that I can barely contain my excitement.

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Origins and archives

We're about to head off to Origins 2015 in Columbus, OH! If you're there and want to find us, we'll be at the Dice Hate Me booth (#703). There will be all sorts of Dice Hate Me Games products there, and don't forget that a copy of Angry Dice is free with every purchase. I'll always have my set on me, if you want to throw down. We'll be demoing so many things! Bottom of the 9th, Deck Building: The Deck Building Game, Monster Truck Mayhem, Spirit Island, you name it. We plan on having a lot of fun, so come find us and make us play games.


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