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Monster Truck Mayhem rides again!

Hey everyone! Earlier this year, we launched Monster Truck Mayhem on Kickstarter. We ended up cancelling this project because we just plain felt we could do better. We really love this game, and we want to make sure you love it as much as we do.

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This Friday, at 2 PM, Adam draws live!

Adam is going to be doing a live stream of his creative process this Friday, October 16th, at 2 PM Central. This is a great opportunity to watch him draw and interact some. He's usually keeping an eye on the chat, as well, so you're welcome to ask questions! You can find all this on our Twitch channel. Don't miss it!

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Sentinel Comics Preorder Update!

Hey, folks! Christopher here. Just wanted to share some of what's been going on behind the scenes recently.

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Land Ho! Spirit Island is on the Horizon!


Spirit Island is coming to Kickstarter on September 22! We know a lot of people have been very excited about this, and we're even more excited for you to see it.

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PAX Prime bound!

We're heading for PAX Prime next week! I hope Seattle can handle all the excitement!

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New Bedford: The Historical Game of Whaling and Town Building

New Bedford is launching on Kickstarter this coming Tuesday, July 21 at 10:00 AM! If you're not familiar with New Bedford, it's a really fantastic game designed by Nat Levan.


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