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2015 Baron Blade Pinny Arcade Pins

Doesn't that look nice? This is our 2015 Baron Blade Pinny Arcade pin, and it can be yours! We will have these for conventions this year only, and then it will be discontinued for all time. Come find us at PAX East, Gen Con, PAX Prime, and PAX Australia to get one at our booth. You can grab it for $14.95, or it will be available for Sentinels Points!

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Products from our friends

This is a rare post. Rather than talk about things that we're creating, we want to introduce you to a couple of things that other fantastic people have made.


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So what happened at PAX South?

We're back from PAX South, and I'll bet you're wondering how it went. I'm here to enlighten you!


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The Villains of the Multiverse, Battle for Broken City, and For Profit preorder is live!

Welcome to the Sentinel Comics 2015 Preorder! For the next seven weeks, all of the items from existing Sentinel Comics products that we will publish in 2015 are available for preorder! This is a ton of exciting stuff, including:

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PAX South 2015 Sentinel Tactics Tournament!

PAX South is approaching rapidly, and the Sentinel Tactics tournament is going to be great! We talked a little bit about it here, if you're curious what this is all about.

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Official Sentinel Tactics Tournaments at PAX South and PAX East!

That's right! Our Inaugural Sentinel Tactics Tournament here at Greater Than Games HQ went so well that we've decided to do it again. This time, we're taking the show on the road. We'll be running official tournaments at PAX South in San Antonio, TX and PAX East in Boston, MA. If you're not sure what this crazy tournament thing we're talking about is, you can check it out on our YouTube channel. There will be a different map, but otherwise the rules of the tournament stay the same.

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Announcing Multiverse Month!

As many of you may know, and many probably do not, Greater Than Games was founded in January of 2011. That makes January a very exciting month for us here. To celebrate this year, we've decided to go global! Beginning on the second weekend in January, we are encouraging stores all over the world to celebrate by inviting people to play our games. The weekend of the 10th and 11th, people will be gathering to play Sentinels of the Multiverse. The following weekend, the 17th and 18th, is for Galactic Strike Force.

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Challenges, Achievements, and Steam!

I'm excited to share something with you today that we've been working on for a LONG time here. This has been a thing Adam and I have wanted to do for years, but haven't had the time or resources. So, when we hired Jenn to be our full-time graphic designer, we mentioned this to her as a project that we'd like to do "someday". She took all of our notes and everything I'd written and all the art Adam made and put together these two fantastic documents. And we're thrilled to share them with you.


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