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Why does National Foster Care Month matter?

Hello Earthlings! At the beginning of the month, I had written a little blurb on social media letting all of you wonderful folks know that it is National Foster Care Month with the promise of more insight into why this topic is so important to us here at Greater Than Games at a later time. Hello and welcome to that later time!

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Exciting changes!

Hi folks! We have some exciting changes happening here at GTG!


Our Sales and Marketing Director, Mara Johannes-Graham, will be joining AEG as the new Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and we wish her the best of luck at her new position.


Additionally, we are looking to add an Inside Sales Manager to GTG! If you or anyone you know is interested in the position please click the link below to apply!

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GTG is Hiring an Inside Sales Manager!

Inside Sales Manager


Do you have sales skills and experience, and a desire to work for a quickly growing company in the tabletop gaming industry? Good news: Greater Than Games is hiring an Inside Sales Manager!

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GTG Celebrates National Paranormal Day!

This blog post was co-authored by Jennifer Closson, Greater Than Games Creative Director, and Maggie Clayton, Greater Than Games Social Media Manager. All photos included were taken by GTG employees, or Rather Dashing Games. 


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Greater When Empowered

This entry was written by Jennifer Closson, Greater Than Games Creative Director, on her topic for the Greater Together video


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Greater when appreciated

This entry was written by SaRae Henderson to expand on her topic for the "Greater Together"  video. 

Passionate. Courageous. Insightful. Influential. Empowering.. Women are superheroes. Their super strength, their mighty abilities.. Their powers are infinite and they are always striving towards success. We should appreciate women for all the efforts they are making that are changing and progressing this world.

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Greater Than Skin Deep

This entry was written by Mara Johannes-Graham about her topic for the "Greater Together" video.

Women’s History Month is an annual event that celebrates women’s accomplishments and promotes global gender equality. 

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Greater In Action

Hello everyone, welcome to the first post in a series of blog entries by the women of Greater Than Games. We decided to expand upon our “Greater Together” video topics in individual blog posts.

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New Social Media Manager

Greater Than Games has hired Maggie Clayton as its new Social Media Manager.

Maggie is an experienced social media and public relations manager who has a long history in the hobby board game industry. She has spent many years building brands, relationships, and developing outreach programs in various industries. Most recently, traveling to conventions and hobby game stores promoting a variety of publishing companies.

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Now Hiring - Social Media Manager

Greater Than Games is hiring again! This time, in what may be our trickiest hire yet, we are hiring a Social Media Manager. We need an ebullient and upbeat professional with an expert level understanding of social media and a deep passion for establishing and building a digital relationships with our community.


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