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Congratulations to Jennifer Closson, our new Chief Operations Officer!

Hey folks! Maggie here with some really exciting news! This afternoon we are announcing to the world that Jennifer Closson, our amazing Creative Director, will also be our Chief Operations Officer! 

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Taking on a new department!

Hey folks! Maggie here to talk about my recent promotion at Greater Than Games from Marketing Director to Director of Sales & Marketing! I'm tremendously excited to take on the sales department and all of the new and exciting challenges that it will present! In addition to overseeing the sales department under the guidance of Paul Bender, our awesome CEO, I will also be taking a leadership role in GTG Operations. 

What is GTG Operations you ask?

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Job Opening: Customer Success Manager

Customer Success Manager

Do you have an outgoing and memorable personality, strong networking skills, and a desire to work for a quickly growing company in the tabletop gaming industry? Good news: Greater Than Games is hiring a Customer Success Manager!

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Meet our new Customer Service Manager!

Hey folks! Maggie here to introduce you to our new Customer Service Manager, Katie!

Katie Nale started with us on Monday, January 14 and has been tearing through emails already, so don't be alarmed if you got an email from her. She's really cool, I promise, and she has a ton of experience in customer service and success!

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Wanted: Customer Service Manager

Greater Than Games is seeking a full time Customer Service Manager. As we have continued to grow as a company, it has become more and more apparent that we need a charismatic person dedicated to assisting our customers full-time through e-mail. This position is Monday-Friday and 40 hours a week. We're looking to fill this role by the end of January 2019.  

Mandatory technical requirements; if you don’t have these, it isn’t worth your time to apply:

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Gen Con 2018 Events


Greater Than Games is proud to be a Gen Con sponsor again this year!

Join us at our booth, shared with our good friends at Handelabra Games (publishers of Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Video Game and Bottom of the 9th Video Game) and Underbite Games (publishers of Sentinels of Freedom video game). 

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#GreaterTogether lives on!

Hi fellow humans! Maggie here with a short and sweet update about our #GreaterTogether campaign!


We received several questions throughout the month of June asking if the #GreaterTogether pride products were going to be available after pride month ended and they are! They will be available all year and all proceeds will continue to be donated to The TREVOR Project. We plan to roll out a new design for 2019 around mid-May and we will consider retiring the 2018 designs then.

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Prime War


OblivAeon has been defeated for eight years. Powerful cosmic entities known as Prime Aspects contend to fill the power vacuum left in OblivAeon’s wake. They now seek champions to fight for their ideals. Their collective eyes fall upon the dying Mist Storm Universe and the heroes and villains within. The Prime War has now begun!

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Happy Pride Month!

Hello, fellow human beings!


June is Pride Month and Greater Than Games is celebrating by selling some super rad items, and donating all of the proceeds to The Trevor Project!


We will also be at Origins Game Fair, June 13-17 in Columbus, OH, with pride pins and pronoun ribbons available in our booth for everyone, booth #321.


What are we selling?

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Why does National Foster Care Month matter?

Hello Earthlings! At the beginning of the month, I had written a little blurb on social media letting all of you wonderful folks know that it is National Foster Care Month with the promise of more insight into why this topic is so important to us here at Greater Than Games at a later time. Hello and welcome to that later time!


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