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Basic Pallet Stacking - Guest Post by Jodie

I asked Jodie, our awesome Warehouse Manager here at GTG, to write up a few blog posts on topics in which she has expertise. This first post will be incredibly useful to anyone first starting out dealing with freight shipments, whether to distributors or trade shows.


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When to Use (And Not Use) Kickstarter

Many people I have met seem to think of Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms as a sort of magical money factory. There is a general impression, even among some fairly experienced entrepreneurs and business people, that, if only you follow all of the right steps, Kickstarter will shower money upon your business idea and solve all of your money problems. In reality however, certain projects lend themselves to crowd funding, while others do not. Furthermore, just because you can crowd fund a project, it does not thereby follow that you ought to crowd fund that project.

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Shipping Part III - Full Containers and Other Fun Stuff

In previous posts, we have discussed parcel shipping and LTL freight. In this post, I am going to cover Full Load shipping, the other type of freight typically encountered by game publishers.

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Conventions Part II - Pre-Show Logistics

Attending a gaming convention as an exhibitor is, as you might expect, quite a bit different than visiting it as a typical attendee. It is a lot more work, and can frequently be somewhat frustrating.  In a previous post, I discussed my views on the utility of gaming conventions as a phenomenal marketing opportunity, as well as the pros and cons of some of the largest shows around.

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Shipping Part II - LTL Freight Shipping

In a previous post, I discussed parcel shipping, the shipping process whereby relatively small weights and volumes are shipped via the USPS, or corporate carriers such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL.

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It Is OK For Large Companies to Use Kickstarter

As a small company that uses Kickstarter on a semi-regular basis, I am very invested in the continued health of the crowdfunding market. There is a lot of debate these days about whether or not it is acceptable or desirable for large companies to use Kickstarter or other crowdfunding venues.

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Shipping Part I - Parcel Shipping

Shipping can often be the bane of new board game publishers. From fulfilling Kickstarter pledges to shipping cases of product to stores and distributors, shipping can be a tedious and expensive proposition.

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Conventions Part I - Strategic Overview

People often ask me what they should do to best advertise their game to prospective customers. I tell them that in many ways we in the tabletop gaming industry are incredibly fortunate. Every year, we have a number of large consumer trade shows attended by not only the majority of the major players in the industry, but also a huge number of potential customers.

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Controlling Your Manufacturing Costs

As discussed in a previous post, a publisher seeking to sell their games in a large number of brick and mortar gaming stores must typically work through distributors, who require 55%-65% off MSRP plus free shipping to their warehouse locations. In order to sell at this discount and also cover shipping, packing, and other costs, a publisher must achieve a manufacturing cost no higher than 20% of MSRP. There are several different ways to achieve this rate.

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Selling Your Games in Game Stores

The advent of crowdfunding means that many great games that would never have been published in years past now have a chance to be printed and enjoyed by a wide market. Unfortunately, many Kickstarter-focused publishers miss out on attracting a wider audience for their games due to a lack of knowledge about the traditional sector of the board game industry.


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