Why NOT another Kickstarter!(Or 'How I learned to stop worrying and love Low Life!')

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Why NOT another Kickstarter!(Or 'How I learned to stop worrying and love Low Life!')

Hey guys, we all like fun stuff, right?

We love lots of cool games and junk, even if they're a bit funky, yeah? We like games where we can be sentient snack cakes or living balls of muck, or maybe even some kind of mixed up animal that is part-tiger, part-trout and part-bat, yes? We all love funding kickstarters for super-cool projects that only have a few days left that are filled with bonus goodies and sweet swag, correct?

Then have I got the project for you! Introducing the next book from the zazzy and jazzy noggin of Andy Hopp:

Holy Crap: The Great Sects Change Operation!

Played with the magnificent Savage Worlds game system and set in the multi-apocalyptal world of Low Life, the craziest RPG ever! Years after The Great Flush, a cavalcade of different world-ending senarios, Mutha Oith is broken and the vaunted Hoomanrace is gone. Left to their own devices, things like Croaches(evolved cockroaches), Cremfillians(sentient snack-cakes with a chip on their spongy sholders), Smelfs(Big shnozzed green dudes), and Piles(mounds of moldable muck made of who-knows-what) are left to explore this wild new planet! Places like Glowhio, The Moonular Cheese Fields, The Incredibly Big Monster(tm), and the mysterious Keister Island are just chock full of adventure to have and zazz to nab! But watch out for monsters like Oily Boids, Odres, Hair bares, Butthemoths, Puddles of Yuck, and the feared Scary Ass Mutha!

Now about Holy Crap its-own-bad-self! This book brings to light the many secrets of over 60 different religions(Like the muck-lovin' Crudbrothers, peace-lovin but deadly Flower Children, the clam-collecting Bottomliners and the violently festive Santanists!) of Mutha Oith. Not to mention more malicious monsters for you to fight, ludicrous locations for you to explore, and righteous races for you to play as!

Click this link and givit a long look!: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1359565526/holy-crap-the-great-sects-change-operation

This kickstarter is only DAYS away from hitting its end and many a cool stretch-goal has been met, but there's still more to come!

"Looks cool, but I don't have any of the other Low Life books!"

The core book for Low Life(Not to mention 'The Whole Hole: Keister Island", the second setting book) is included in MANY of the different pledge levels, in both hardcover and PDF formats!

"I don't have any of the resources to play this game!"

Lots of cool swag can be added on to any pledge! Stuff like minis, dice, figure flats and customizable GM screen panels! You'll be waggling zazz and poking hocus with the best of 'em in no time, champ! And you'll look good doing it!

I'm terrible at making up adventures for RPG's!"

No worries, my muse-muted mate! Not only are there a plethora of adventure ideas for adventures in each book, but there's a fully fleshed out starter adventure in the core Low Life book! NOT TO MENTION two free adventures avaliable to those who back the project RIGHT GOOSIN' NOW!

"I want some of this awesome stuff, but not the book!"

Even if you don't want any of the books(and seriously, why WOULDN'T you?!), there's a plethora of different pledge levels to pick from! Get some stuff, get all the stuff, get some of this stuff but not THAT stuff, or just give out of the goodness of your little heart! Any flavor, any size!

"It looks fun, but I'm not into table-top RPG's!"

You don't need to be into tabletops to enjoy the Low Life books! All the mechanics and numbers are at the back of the book, leaving all the creamy'n'savory fun stuff at the front! And each book is written by an in-world character, making it a fun and enjoyable read!

"But I'm low on funds right now..."

Many of the goals are 'number of backers' based, even donating a single dollar would be a great help! And not only that, you get a bunch of cool junk just for backing!

Do a fellow peep a favor and check it out, why don'tcha?!