Who would like a free game?

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Who would like a free game?

Who likes The Witcher series of books/games? And who likes Board games? And who would like to participate in the beta test for the Witcher Board Game Online? And who would like me to stop asking questions?
So Fantasy Flight are making a board game for The Witcher series of books/games, and CD Project Red are testing it online too, and I have managed to snag two extra codes for it. The online version is 'exactly' like the board game, but it requires an internet connection as there's no AI, so you have to conect to other people (through a very simple lobby).
If you know the 'technical' terms I'd say it was a competitive dice slinging and theme heavy game, with variable player powers and player choice as to how you complete your goals (though it appears not much player interaction).
So if you're interested post something about your life as a medieval peasent in this thread (even if it's just "I used to be a peasant... I got better"), I'll close the enteries and randomly draw for two winners on Friday 15th at Midday GMT.
As with my last draw, this game requires you to have a gog.com account to get the game, but the accounts are free and you get some free games with it too.

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