Weekly One-Shot #242: Super Stories #1

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Weekly One-Shot #242: Super Stories #1

Guess I'm starting the thread this week :)
Ultimate base Vengence style (Baron Blade, Proliteriat, Ermine, Fright Train, and Friction) versus Setback, KNYFE, Naturalist, The Sentinels, and Parse in the iconic Freedom Tower. Good luck heroes.

Stop reading for spoilers:

​​​​​​​For my game, it was more a damage slog than a race. Ultimate means Baron Blade devices are harder to kill and hes immune to villain damage, Proliteriat pulls out more clones and is immune to psychic damage, Ermine starts with her annoying ongoings and destroys ongoings and equipment, and Friction has damage reduction and her shock dampeners are indestructible. However, Fright Train goes down real fast due to redirecting all hero damage to himself.

I focused Fright Train down first (because I had to), then went to work on the Impulsion Beam. Parse's Reveal the Flaws really helps with that, though a Fling into Darkness can help in a pinch. After that, kill order ended up being Friction (to keep her from getting too many discards built up), Ermine (to stop the card destruction), Baron Blade, and lastly Proliteriat just because hes extra hard to kill. I just focused on tanking and trying to stay alive while slowly whittling down.

Ended up with Setback down (Which isnt terrible, extra power or play is quite useful) and everyone else around 10. The environment got shuffled several times so I don't know how long it took, but it was a long time.


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Wow. Ended up with a Fine, when it was all over. Tough match.

On the failed attempts, I went for the Subtle Redirections and Devices early. On the successful attempt, I ignored them until I had Fright Train and Friction down. The Sentinels get plenty of cards that can damage select villains rather than AOE that hits everyone so the Subtle Redirections weren't doing anything. It was also easier to take Friction down than her Stolen Gear. Once she was down, I used a Reveal the Flaws to let me take out the Impulsion Beam, then cleared out those Subtle Redirections, and took out Ermine.

Then it was a slog. Since Ermine wasn't blowing up ongoings anymore, The Naturalist went with Rhino and whatever else could give him another damage reduction to let him tank. I made sure other characters kept throwing up ongoings so Friction's disabled ability would destroy those. The team hovered between 3 hp and 7 hp until I brought Baron Blade down and could finally slog through all those clones.

One thing that was hard was getting rid of villain on-goings. I destroyed Defensive Formation four times, and then the environment would recycle it back into his deck. KNYFE's gauntlet was the savior here--someone else would reduce a non-clone nemesis to 1-3 hp, ahd she'd finish it off.

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Thanks for the Near Mint! :D The first time I went through this, I wondered if I wasn't spending too much time focusing on the Devices, and it turns out I was!

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Remember that Fright Train absorbs all hero damage. Even the stuff you'd do to yourself. Knyfe's For the Greater Good and Overdo It won't let you do anything, but hitting Fright Train for 2 or 3 damage is a nice use for cards that are normally kind of corner-case.

I finally won this one with all my heroes at 1 HP except the Sentinels who were all in the 3-4 range.  I don't think I took out any of the mini-nemeses or devices directly except for Equity, who is terrifyingly dangerous with Naturalist in play, and the Nullification Bands (which I just fed to a Fling Into Darkness).  The takedown order for me was Fright Train, then Friction, Ermine, Blade, and Prolitariat at the very end.  I'm not convinced it was a good idea to take out Friction second instead of Ermine; I'm pretty sure Ultimate Ermine's constant low-level drain on my Ongoing and Equipment was way more damaging to the effort than Friction popping out with an occasional wipe, but either way I guess it worked.

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Yikes... took me several weeks on this one...

I ended up going Train --> impulsion beam ->friction --> ermine (who was a real pain due to calypso and her taking out 3 cards a turn...) --> Proletariat --> baron

From there things got bad... knife was down and everyone was at < 10 HP AND Proletariat had nearly all his clones out. The only things keeping me alive were mainstay's block + human shield and the occasional redirection from naturalist. Eventually I got setback to 17 luck counters (yeah that was an interesting run) and he went down with silver lining in play so he could sponge all the clones to his death. Then Barron made Proletariat play his healing card, killed all of the clones... and that was the last card in his deck, so he ended with 20 HP and no clones in play. I took that chance to burn Proletariat down, and on his own Barron really can't do much. Between the two extra card plays/ powers from knife and setback, the deck control of parse, the card draw of naturalist, and the massive damage output of the sentinels Barron went down in 3 rounds with me still managing to recover HP every turn.